Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Having Pure FUN #Accessorizing--->"BUDGET/LUXURY"!

......50'S,60'S.70'S,80'S OR even the 90's
*** See How we, "EyeForYou" can lead you to the right Accessories!
Good Accessories bring out the very best of ANY outfit, and if
your in a "pretty basic" number they can sometimes make the WHOLE

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gift Baskets for Newborn Twin Boys!

Nautical Casual Wear...#Cape Life!

Diana Vreeland

~Words to Dress By~ You need to have Strategy and Courage. You need to be a believer and take Chances!

When in need of a little bolstering to Encourage Us to Express ourselves, especially when it comes to how we dress~ "Classic Quotes" do the Trick!
The right words of Wisdom and Wit from two of the *Grande Dames of fashion~(IRIS APFEL & the highly respected editor and arbiter of Style, Diana Vreeland) always have the power to Motivate and Inspire!.....Celebrating the Unique Diversity of your Personal Style.

*"I think dressing up or down should be a creative experience, Exciting, Fun, For me the key to personal style lies in Accessories. I love objects from different Worlds, different eras, combined my way, Never Uptight, Achieving-hopefully- a kind of throw away chic." 
-Iris Apfel

*"You gotta have style, It helps you get up in the morning. It's a way of Life.Without it you're nobody, And I'm not talking about a lot of clothes"
-Diana Vreeland

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"You are a part of me: I am You and You are Me. Accept me, Nourish me, Protect me, Love me. I am a Mother of all mothers. I am a Mother NATURE."



#New Stunning Orange Brocade Jeweled Charm purse $95.00!

Vintage 70s Handmade Genuine BRN Leather Snakeskin Handbag

#Cross Body Purse

Vinatge Red Ruffle 70's Dress,,,Compare to Almost an Identical Dress($400) posted on Kim Kardashian's Ebay fashion Vault!

*EYEFORYOU favorite!
*Inquire for fitting, and remember>There's only (1) !; 

Peach/Coral Silk Summer Dress, sz 6

The CHANNELING MARILYN Retro 50s 60s SLINKY BLK Fishtail Party Gown Dress M L $88.00

Spunky Polish that works all year round!

"Style Doesn't have a Dollar Sign."

"Fashion is definitley I'd say all about fooling people:)
The ability to combine High End Design with "fast-fashion pieces",
I believe that Collectively Final Looks ooze Positive Energy!! >>And that we will take, I Love it!
#Go Green

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


GMorning Beautiful People!
A wise, very strong, Beautiful and Well~Rounded woman said, boldly...
"Always Dress Against the Weather":)
*And by that I understood almost immidiatley >She was implying to "Color Factor" and the idea of the Positive Impact that seems to not only continue to Uplift our Spirits daily, but overall simply set our Mood for the Day....#Color over Matter;)
* Considering all the FUN Color can Bring-I DARE YOU to  allow yourself to Explore more if it! *
As a Boston, Mass Native>I personally experienced Commuting---> bearing through some of the Toughest, Most Challenging days New England Weather brings. However, despite the all the 'Motions' that Grey Rainy skies may Present for many...I must share that I've become  Aware of the "Reverse Effect" That Mindfully WE ALL have Control over. Our Minds Can powerfully set forth Great Efforts in achieving a more Confident, better you> Moving forward through your week and Ideally throughout your Life!
If your spending more than 15 mins to decide on Colorful pieces as your Outfit......
Dress in ALL BLACK,
then *Focus on your Accessory Building! Incorporating Colors in other Creative Ways:)
Ex.) Jewls,"Pop of Lip Color" and OR a tank top!....All are great for contrasting against BLACK.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gorgeous Multi~Colored Stones, Blk Jean Clutch purse w\Silver Chain

*Feather & Suede HeadBand, Body Accessory!

Punch of Colour!

Dressing UP and Down to Casual Looks too!

See Below!!

Jessica Lopez>>New Pieces<<

*Blk Wood/Metal Chunk HandMade Necklace! #Easy to Wear
Multi~Color Wooden necklace! Paired with wooden Vintage Earrings;) +Fushia Blazer

*Vintage LACE>all styles< + *Vintage Exclusive designed Hat{Toppers}

Real Vintage Handbags!

*Blk Leather Motorcylce bag!
#Hot Item/EyeForYou Favorite;)

Vintage Mens

So much more to explore Gentlemen!;

*"The Real Magician"~

Handmade Necklaces, by Artisian/ Magician
*Bold Green/ Silver Necklace
*Handmade Skulls,Ivory, Metal Buddah! >EyeforYou "Favorite!"

Absolutley Gorgeous Vintage Pieces! Everyday is a Red Carpet Day :)

Couture Vintage!....#Classic and One of a kind!....Inquire to book a fitting for your next Red Carpet Event!

Men SHOP too! #Eye for you

***Watches {Transitional Timeless Styles}.....ask about our Designer Sunglasses/Frames, paired up for the best looks!

Swarovski Collector!

#Black Swarovski Crystal Nugget Bold Pinky Ring*
#Swarovski Crystal Choker Necklace, Bold Elegance!:)