Tuesday, May 22, 2012


GMorning Beautiful People!
A wise, very strong, Beautiful and Well~Rounded woman said, boldly...
"Always Dress Against the Weather":)
*And by that I understood almost immidiatley >She was implying to "Color Factor" and the idea of the Positive Impact that seems to not only continue to Uplift our Spirits daily, but overall simply set our Mood for the Day....#Color over Matter;)
* Considering all the FUN Color can Bring-I DARE YOU to  allow yourself to Explore more if it! *
As a Boston, Mass Native>I personally experienced Commuting---> bearing through some of the Toughest, Most Challenging days New England Weather brings. However, despite the all the 'Motions' that Grey Rainy skies may Present for many...I must share that I've become  Aware of the "Reverse Effect" That Mindfully WE ALL have Control over. Our Minds Can powerfully set forth Great Efforts in achieving a more Confident, better you> Moving forward through your week and Ideally throughout your Life!
If your spending more than 15 mins to decide on Colorful pieces as your Outfit......
Dress in ALL BLACK,
then *Focus on your Accessory Building! Incorporating Colors in other Creative Ways:)
Ex.) Jewls,"Pop of Lip Color" and OR a tank top!....All are great for contrasting against BLACK.

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