Thursday, August 2, 2012

We absolutley love and truley have always respected and enjoyed the #makings/becomings of RapperMC/Actress-#EVE! Eve speaks "Inspiration, Motivation" with young women + What we can look forward to with NEW music, Saying "good-bye" to clothing line "Fetish"-and introducing a NEW collection of Shoes!!!! #WE Believe the Hype girl...your Bettah than Evaa!


With Clothing Line-"Fetish" now, in the past...Eve was asked about If Any clothing would be included in her  NEW Line (of -what I like to call #LOVE).- Collection of shoe wear.
 Here is her response!..
"There will be, but not like it was before. It won’t be based on the clothes, it will be based on the shoes. I’m sure I’ll bring in some jewelry and handbags at some point. I love accessories!" #E.V.E.

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